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Gluten Free Giveaway Package #4!

Welcome to the final week of gluten free giveaways in August. This week’s giveaway runs from today, Monday August 24 through Saturday August 29, and the winner will be announced Sunday August 30. There are four ways to enter through the Rafflecopter app below. The winner will be picked randomly by the Rafflecopter app itself.

This package includes the following awesome goodies:

  1. Bakery on Main Maple Multi-Grain Muffin Oatmeal
  2. I Heart Keenwah Chocolate Sea Salt Quinoa Cluster
  3. Slender Sticks Pomegranate Berry Sugar-free Drink Stick
  4. The Real Deal Real! Veggie Chips Sriracha
  5. Baked Frosted Rice Snacks
  6. Glutino Pretzel Twists
  7. Sunbutter Creamy (spread)
  8. Carrington Farms Ready-to-eat Organic Flax Chia Paks
  9. Udi’s Soft and Chewy Snicker Doodle Cookie
  10. Enjoy Life Baked Chewy Caramel Apple Bar
  11. Mostly Myrtle’s Grahams
  12. Pyure Premium Organic Stevia Sweetener
  13. Viki’s granola blueberry almond
  14. Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears
  15. Enjoy Life S’mores

This is our last giveaway, so be sure to enter, and good luck!

*This giveaway is not sponsored by any company, goods were not donated to me, and I was not compensated. Entrants must be living in the Unites States to participate.*


Gluten Free Mary’s Gone Crackers “N’Oatmeal” Raising Cookies

Health Values: Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, organic, non-GMO, nut free. Made in USA.

Well if these cookies are an example of a maker who’s “gone crackers”, then I want to go crackers too.  If you love oatmeal but it’s not on your diet plan, you can still enjoy the taste with these oat-free cookies.

marys noatmeal (2)

Soft (but not too soft) and chewy (but not too chewy), “N’Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies are a wonderful blend of organic and non-GMO gluten-free ingredients that come together to make your senses believe you’re enjoying the real thing.

marys noatmeal

They’ve even got that light cinnamon taste that makes an oatmeal cookie so perfect. This is the kind of snack/dessert that makes you feel like you’re not giving up anything to stay on your clean eating plan.

Their logo “Traditional Flavors, Revolutionary Ingredients” sums it all up perfectly. This is conscious eating at its best.


10 Rules of Wheat Free Fast Food Eating

It’s happened too many times: you’re driving by a fast food place and craving a cheeseburger or a chicken sandwich, but the thought of peeling the bun off the meat and cheese and scraping the sauce off is not so appealing. And what about the fries? Do they have wheat? Fret no more, fellow sufferers!  This list of rules for wheat free fast food eating will guide you through this tricky subject!

  1. Wendy’s is always the safest bet. Many other fast food restaurants either don’t have a gluten free menu or won’t admit that it’s possible their food has gluten. Just remember the McDonald’s incident when it was discovered that their fries had wheat and milk in them, however limited the amount.
  2. Ask for no bun on your sandwich. Believe it or not, I’ve never been in a fast food place that didn’t have a special little container for sandwiches without the bun.
  3. Stick to the basics. If you want a salad, your safest bet is to stick with the garden salad. There’s always a chance that the grilled chicken has a sauce or a marinade on it that could contain gluten.
  4. Skip the drive-through. If you go inside, the cashiers will ask you what you mean if they have any questions about your gluten/wheat free request. The drive-through voices, on the other hand, won’t necessarily take the time to ask you to clarify, which could land you in a messy situation.
  5.  Never get fried chicken. I think this one’s obvious.
  6. Ask for Italian or vinaigrette dressings. Italian and vinaigrette dressings are the least likely to have wheat or gluten because they are usually thin (i.e. don’t need to be thickened). There is always a risk with Asian dressings since so many of them are thickened with wheat.
  7. The more natural sounding, the better. Things like baked potatoes or fresh fruits are less likely to include wheat than fries and other man-made products.
  8. Make ice cream your dessert. Ice cream minus the cone and milkshakes with nothing extra added are your safest bet for dessert.
  9. Don’t order breakfast. Even if it’s oatmeal or granola, it’s highly probable that wheat is included. It’s best to just stay away from ordering breakfast.
  10. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK. If you have any doubts whatsoever, never hesitate to ask the cashier about whether something has gluten. If they’re not sure, they will either say so or let you read the ingredients, in the case of something like salad dressing. Better safe than sorry.