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Gluten Free Goodie Bag Livestream

I went live on YouTube yesterday to sort through the two full bags of gluten free products I got at the Seashore Celiac picnic. There were loads of different brands and products, and I made sure to hold up the ingredients list for you to see on each product. I also taste tested one of the sweets and recommended a few things I’m familiar with. Check it out – you might find something new!

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Enjoy Life Chewy Caramel Apple Bar

I was at a health food store I’d never been to before, and they had a whole ton of gluten free products I’d never seen before. Among them, I found Enjoy Life‘s Chewy Caramel Apple Bar:





I basically liked the bar except that it was considerably smaller than the package and it wasn’t chewy. It was harder than expected. Having had Enjoy Life’s amazing soft baked cookies, I expected the bar to be chewy as promised, but I found it hardish with only a little bit of chew. The apple taste was there, but there was no caramel taste at all. Overall, it was okay, but I wouldn’t buy it again. I would, however, try the chocolate bar to see if it’s any different.

Flavor Factor: