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Gluten Free IPS Cinnamon Egg White Ch(ips)

Health Values: Gluten free, non-GMO corn, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

I wanted to like these chips, I really did. They’re very light and crispy and would make a satisfying afternoon snack without any heaviness.

Gluten free IPS Cinnamon Chips


When I don’t like something to the point where I can’t even eat the rest of a snack-size bag, I immediately get opinions from other gluten-free friends. Unfortunately, that didn’t help. Here’s what each of us said:

GF Friend #1: “They taste like egg with too much cinnamon that seems like it’s trying to cover up the egg taste. And I love cinnamon, but there’s no real flavor contrast and it doesn’t belong on an eggy-tasting chip.

GF Friend #2: “Are these packing peanuts covered in cinnamon? I can’t taste anything other than cinnamon, and I don’t like the texture. I tried their barbecue flavor a couple months ago, and I didn’t like that either.” When asked after getting his review, GF Friend #2 said he didn’t notice any eggy taste like GF Friend #1 had.

Me: I didn’t taste egg, but I definitely didn’t want a second chip either.

Besides there being no complexity to the flavor of these chips – which would make eating even a small bag of them get boring very quickly – the cinnamon flavor was overwhelming, and all three of us love cinnamon. None of us tasted any sweetness despite the fact that the ingredients list both sugar and brown sugar.

Gluten free IPS Chips

On top of that, when we compared notes we discovered that each of us had quickly reached for something to kill the aftertaste. Keep in mind that we tried these chips at different times, away from each other, so none of us knew what the other thought or did during our individual taste tests.

gf ips cin chips 3

So while I’m sure there are snackers out there who love IPS products, they’re not for us. I’m giving them one thumbs-up for their good ingredients.




REVIEW: Gluten Free Deep River Zesty Jalapeño Potato Chips

Health Values: Gluten free, non-GMO, Kosher.

I received a bag of Deep River Snacks Zesty Jalapeño chips from the annual Seashore Celiacs picnic in June. It’s not terribly hard to find gluten free potato chips, but it isn’t quite as easy to find gluten free potato chips with completely natural ingredients in a fun flavor.

deep river zesty jalapeno chips

When I first opened the bag, I noticed the fresh, not greasy aroma, which is always a welcome discovery. The chips were nice and crisp with a very appealing flavor. The jalapeño added some nice spice to the chips at the right level so it doesn’t overrun the chips overall flavor. The only thing I didn’t love is that they tasted saltier than I would have guessed based on the nutritional panel, so they could be improved by a slightly lighter touch of sodium in the future.


Overall, it’s a great chip that stands on its own and doesn’t need dips or salsa to give it substance.

Sugar Detox Day 12: Homemade Garlic Kale Chips

It’s easier to avoid eating sugar if you have something to snack on. So why not make something simple to replace your sugar cravings with? Kale chips are a great healthy snack with very few ingredients:

1 bunch of kale
1 tablespoon of olive oil, more if needed
Sea salt to taste
Garlic powder to taste (I like to load mine up)Garlic kale chips

Wash the kale well first and pat dry. A towel works much better for this than a paper towel because kale really holds onto the water. Cut out the center stem completely – it’s very tough. Tear the leaves into equal-sized pieces, or use kitchen shears/scissors for more control. Toss the pieces in the oil first, making sure they’re lightly coated. Then sprinkle the salt and garlic powder and toss again. When you put the kale on the baking tray, make sure the pieces aren’t too close together. No additional oil for the baking tray is needed.

Bake at 350 degrees for between 10-15 minutes, but watch them carefully because they burn quickly. Once they have browned edges, check to make sure they’re crisp or starting to crisp and take them out.

Store in a sealed plastic bag for up to five days. They won’t last that long, though!

Let me know in the comments how you like them or if you use different seasonings.

Keep on living the wheat free life!

Gluten Free Enjoy Life Plentils Dill and Sour Cream

Health Values: Gluten free, wheat free, soy free, egg free, tree nut free, peanut free, shellfish/fish free, dairy free, non-GMO

Light, crunchy, and flavorful without being overpowering, Enjoy Life hit the mark with their Plentils Dill and Sour Cream chips.

gf plentils

I’m not usually a fan of chips with sour cream flavoring, mainly because the sour cream tastes fake and is so loaded with chemicals that it gives me heartburn.

Not so with these chips. My fingers weren’t coated with oils or any residue at all, and the flavor was just a bit tangy without being overdone or fake.

gf plentils 2

I’m a big fan of dill and I would have enjoyed more dill flavor, especially since it took first billing over sour cream, but it was still a tasty snack and also would make a nice accompaniment to lunch or barbecue.

I’d recommend giving these chips a try.



I’m a huge fan of kettle corn, but I rarely eat it for two reasons:

1. I only go to a couple of county fairs per year

2. It’s possible that the fumes from microwave popcorn can cause lung cancer and other lung problems

So when I found PopCorners, I was intrigued. When I saw that one of the flavors is kettle corn, I had to buy it.

Happily, unlike a lot of other kettle corn snacks, these really taste like kettle corn! They have just enough sweet and just enough salty flavor without either being overpowering to achieve the perfect kettle corn taste. And they’re crispy, don’t fall into billions of little pieces when you bite into them, and can be found in supermarkets and health food stores near you. One warning: the bag has a strange smell when you open it, but it doesn’t carry over to the snack so it’s okay.

Flavor Factor:

I’ll let you know about the butter flavored ones when I try them!