ORLY is a nail care company started by Jeff Pink, the creator of the French manicure. Their focus is color, no matter what form it takes – matte, glossy, glitter, anything. I am happy to report that the response to my email asking whether any of ORLY’s nail polishes are gluten free was, “The following ORLY products contain wheat:

  • Clean Prep
  • Flash Dry
  • Nailtrition

The rest of ORLY products are gluten free including the lacquers.”

In addition, their website says that their polishes are made without DBP, formaldehyde, and toulene.

YAY! It was great to hear that a huge brand like ORLY that has super trendy and edgy types of nail polish and such a great range of colors is almost all gluten free. I used them before I found out about this and I continue to use them now.

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