MAC Cosmetics

MAC is a prestige brand of makeup sold in some department stores, their own stores, and online. MAC does not make gluten free makeup, per se, but they do pay enough attention to their products to be able to say which of their products has glutinous ingredients and which don’t. They do acknowledge that even products that don’t contain glutinous ingredients can come in contact with gluten, so gluten free is not guaranteed because of shared equipment.

MAC offer a huge line of cosmetics, including but not limited to foundation, eye makeup, lipsticks, moisturizers, makeup removers, and fragrance.

I contacted MAC to ask generally about whether their makeup is gluten free, but also about particular products. Their representative sent me the following information:

– Lipstick (Amplified) contains wheat, barley, and soy
– Lipstick (Amplified Creme) contains wheat, barley, and soy
– Lipstick (Cremesheen) contains wheat, corn, and soy
– Lipstick (Frost) contains ingredients derived from corn
– Lipstick (Glaze) contains ingredients derived from corn
– Lipstick (Lustre) contains ingredients derived fron corn and soy
– Lipstick (Matte) contains ingredients derived from soy and corn
– Lipstick (Retro Matte) contains soy
– Lipstick (Satin) contains ingredients derived from corn and soy
– Viva Glam Lipstick – please reference finishes listed above
– Ultimate Lipstick contains soy
– Pro Longwear Lipcreme contains corn and soy
– Mineralize Rich Lipstick contains wheat, barley, and soy
– Casual Colour contains soy
– Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation may contain soy and ingredients derived from corn and other grain sources
– Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 contains corn and soy
– Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation contains corn and soy
– Lip Erase contains soy

It’s up to you whether you’re willing to use a product that is made on shared equipment, but before you purchase MAC’s makeup, make sure to contact them and ask whether what you’d like to use has glutinous ingredients. I have not yet tried their products, so if you try any, let me know!

7 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics

  1. I wear MAC and never had a problem until last week. I decided to switch up what I wear as a foundation so I purchased Mineralize Loose Powder Foundation. I ended up with puffy eyelids and a red, blotchy face! I was shocked so I dug out the box it had come in and noted the 2nd ingredient is barley extract and 3rd ingredient is wheat germ oil. I’ve checked lipstick before as I know it can contain wheat but I’ve never seen barley in makeup nor have I ever seen wheat in foundation. I wasn’t happy. As wheat is one of the top 10 allergens in North America, I think they should do a better job by adding a warning label.

  2. So happy for this list – thank you! The lustres have always been my favorite of their lipstick line, so it’s comforting to see they are not made with wheat. It does, however, concern me that so many others do have wheat and even barley. Truly surprised and disappointed for those.

  3. So helpful! A kiss from my mom on my daughter’s cheek left a huge rash- We did not realize the wheat in the MAC lipstick would react this way with daughters celiac disease!

  4. I have Celiac disease and just purchased two new MAC Amplified lipsticks! Those are going promptly back to the store. I too have had to return eye products after getting puffy and later realizing one of the ingredients was wheat germ oil. I guess I need to be more careful. Considering our food companies aren’t looking out for us, I don’t know why I would assume our cosmetic companies would either. Thank you so much for this information!

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