Lush is a company that makes fresh bath products and some additional makeup products. Some products are gluten free, but you have to check the label. The customer representative I contacted said that if the ingredients don’t list wheat or gluten products, they aren’t there. From my experience looking through their website and at their products, the ingredient to keep your eyes out for is wheat germ oil, otherwise known as triticum vulgare. Be on the lookout for that. It does clearly say on their website, “We use wheat germ oil in our Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze to condition the hair”, so stay away from those.

When I went into the store, though the employees didn’t know too much about gluten allergies, they did know what had gluten and what didn’t. I was also told that the “fragrance” ingredient in many products is essential oils and not synthetic. The website also touts no animal testing, vegetarian, and handmade. The ingredients are listed very clearly on the website.

Lush offers:
– translucent powder
– tinted moisturizer/foundation/concealer cream, color correcting cream
– cream eye shadow, liquid liner, mascara
– liquid lipstick, lip balm, lip scrub
– shampoo, bath bomb, shower gel, shaving cream, body lotion, face cleanser/mask

Lush is available in Lush stores (usually in malls) and online. I have not yet tried a Lush product, but I’d like to try a couple of things that don’t usually bother me, like lipstick and eyeliner/mascara, first before delving into shampoo.

Conclusion: check the label carefully, and if you’re not sure if something is gluten free, email them. They’re very friendly and pretty quick to respond.

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