Gluten Free Beauty

Some people don’t believe that gluten free makeup, lotions, nail polishes, etc. make a difference to your body. I have noticed a difference when using gluten free makeup, and now I’m DSC_0345determined to replace all my beauty products with gluten free ones. I’ll record everything I find on this page, meaning what exactly each company I contact says about whether they’re gluten free so you can judge for yourself, plus my personal opinion and whether or not I would use the product, and links to my own reviews if I do try their products.

Let me know if you’d like to see any particular brand/product on my list, I’ll be happy to find out about it for you!


Bite Beauty
Gabriel/ZuZu Luxe

Nail Polishes

Crabtree & Evelyn
Sally Hansen


Clean & Clear

5 thoughts on “Gluten Free Beauty

  1. FYI: Tarte and Laura Geller and Este Lauder are also GF…just found that out today. And Ulta has a check box on their site with Gluten Free to factor out the ones that are not 🙂

    1. I recently found out about Tarte but not the other two! I have also seen the check box you mentioned on Ulta website, AND in stores their shelves indicate gluten free items (at least at the one I go to). So exciting! I have to update this page now with that great info. Thanks!

  2. I am looking for make up that is for rosacea that is gluten free as I am a coeliac I have used Clinique in the past any ideas what I can use

    1. Look into natural brands, like Gabriel Cosmetics, Mineral Fusion—ones with recognizable ingredients and fewer chemicals. Gabriel is my go-to, and I have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to absolutely everything. They’re gluten free, vegan, and if you run your mouse over each product’s ingredients, they tell you what the ingredient is derived from. That helps if you have specific things you react to, so you can more easily tell if that product is right for you. See if they have anything that could work for you:

    2. Sylvia, I just thought of another two things. Look for products without fragrance as fragrance can really intensify rosacea. If you find that your face feels hot after washing it, try with cool or even cold water. It can react better with water that cools it. I hope that helps!

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