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Gluten Free Goodie Bag Livestream

I went live on YouTube yesterday to sort through the two full bags of gluten free products I got at the Seashore Celiac picnic. There were loads of different brands and products, and I made sure to hold up the ingredients list for you to see on each product. I also taste tested one of the sweets and recommended a few things I’m familiar with. Check it out – you might find something new!

Leave a comment here or on YouTube if you’d like to see these kinds of livestreams in the future.




Find Your Local Gluten Free Meetup!

I had the greatest experience last weekend. I found an ad in my local newspaper for a gluten free group which holds seminars, webinars, dinners, and, most importantly, the members support each other. I found all the details on and found out there are actually a lot of groups like this out there.

I went to my first dinner meetup this weekend at Pizza Fusion which has gluten free pizzas. Well I loved the people and the food! The group was so welcoming and friendly that I’m already excited for our next meetup in April. And the organizer had a big list of gluten free websites – restaurants, grocery stores,  and online stores. I’ll post on them as I go through them.

Now for my review of Pizza Fusion. The place is really relaxed and the staff is friendly and easy going. Everyone seems to be very in tune with allergies, so it’s really comfortable for those of us who have more specific dietary needs. I also love the drink list – Boylans! I had the Big Kahuna personal pizza with gluten free crust and it was really tasty. The crust is the best I’ve had so far. The gluten free pizza I usually eat has a very sweet taste to the crust which I’ve become accustomed to. Pizza Fusion’s pizza had a much plainer taste, allowing you to really feel like you’re eating a regular pizza! It’s thin crust and most of the pizzas have a blend of cheeses, which is fun and original. The coffee was excellent and served in a nice large mug.

Fullness Factor:

The gluten free personal pizza was really light and not very filling, so you could definitely order the gluten free brownie dessert!

Flavor Factor: