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Gluten Free Goodie Bag Livestream

I went live on YouTube yesterday to sort through the two full bags of gluten free products I got at the Seashore Celiac picnic. There were loads of different brands and products, and I made sure to hold up the ingredients list for you to see on each product. I also taste tested one of the sweets and recommended a few things I’m familiar with. Check it out – you might find something new!

Leave a comment here or on YouTube if you’d like to see these kinds of livestreams in the future.




Food Allergy Safe Trick or Treating

If your child (or you!) have food allergies, trick or treating is hard. Almost all candy has gluten or dairy, and if your child can’t have preservatives, dyes, or artificial/natural flavor, forget it. So how can you and your kid go trick or treating and still have fun?

The Teal Pumpkin Project.

Ever heard of it? I hadn’t either. A friend passed along the information, which I found really clear and useful. The basic idea is to put out a sign with a teal pumpkin to indicate that you have non-candy treats for children with food allergies. The site even suggests some food alternatives to hand out like bracelets, vampire fangs, and glow sticks. I, for one, am absolutely going to get a pumpkin, paint it teal, and get some fun non-food things to hand out!

Pass the word on through your blog, social media, and word of mouth. Help kids suffering from allergies enjoy Halloween too!


Keep on living the wheat free life!


Gluten Free Expo at the Meadowlands and Amy Fothergill

WOW, what a weekend! On Saturday I went with a friend (and met up with a few others) to the Gluten Free Expo at the Meadowlands. It’s a big event with loads of vendors ranging from well known to just starting out, and they have stands around the expo center that give out samples, talk to you about their products, have some for sale, hand out coupons, and provide take-home info on their products and company.


They even had classes and lectures on gluten free living, baking, hidden sources, etc. We went to the one on gluten free cooking and general tips, given by the author of the cookbook The Warm Kitchen, Amy Fothergill. She was so personable and charismatic, and she was able to answer lots of baking and cooking questions from the audience. There was even a proposal between a gluten free couple, and the guy gave his girlfriend a ring, flowers, and a giant gluten free cupcake! The whole event was extremely successful and loads of fun. I came back with a haul like you wouldn’t believe!

Yours truly on the right with two great gluten free friends

Yours truly on the right with two great gluten free friends

I’m going to post reviews on the samples and products I came home with, so stay tuned for everything from noodles to flours to makeup! Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Keep on living the wheat free life!