RECIPE: Gluten Free Dairy Free Eggnog

I miss eggnog. I know they make dairy-free ones, but they’re usually loaded with chemicals and artificial flavors, sometimes even artificial colors (watch out for caramel color—it’s one of the worst and most notorious for gluten contamination). So I haven’t been able to enjoy eggnog for a long time.


Experience Life magazine came out with a wonderful mocktail list that is way healthier, simpler, and includes nondairy options. I tried their Spiced Nog recipe with just one change. They tell you to use pitted fresh dates and let them soak in the nondairy milk overnight, then blend them into the milk for sweetness and flavor. I can imagine that would taste great, but I didn’t have any dates. Here’s my version of the recipe.

It makes an attractive, tasty eggnog that even dairy-eating people will like. It’s thinner than traditional eggnog, and maybe you could use full fat coconut milk if you wanted it to emulate the thicker texture of eggnog better. I personally don’t mind the thinner version.

Tweak the maple syrup to your taste—I’m used to having things that aren’t too sweet, so 1/4 cup of maple syrup was plenty of sweetness for me. You could even try honey if you prefer it or if it fits better into your diet.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Enjoy!

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