REVIEW: Good Health Kettle Chips Sweet Potato with Sea Salt

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On with the review!


There has been a huge uptick in sweet potatoes eats over the past few years, and the list of sweet potato products has grown continually. Good Health Snacks has a few different kinds of snacks, but I tried their sweet potato sea salt chips.

Good Health Sweet Potato Chips

These were a wonderful surprise to someone that loves sweet potatoes in any form. Their aroma is natural and subtle when you first open the bag, but the treat is when you bite into the first chip and experience the pure, unadulterated sweet potato flavor. They’re v crisp and crunchy with just the right level of salt to bring out their flavor. What a great standalone snack that can be enjoyed anytime without the guilt associated with traditional chips!


I highly recommend these chips to anyone who is interested in a healthy potato chip alternative that doesn’t sacrifice on flavor.



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