REVIEW: Snacks 101 The First Baked Popcorn (Smokey Chipotle)

Starting August 3, LWF will hold a giveaway of a package of 12+ gluten free snacks, desserts, and foods every week in August (that’s 4 giveaways!). I will provide a list of all the products included so you can see what you’re winning. I’ll use Rafflecopter, and if you’ve already followed me on Twitter, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to enter the giveaway by telling me what you’d like to see on this site. I’ll have a different question every week.

On with the review!


Its brand name says it all: Snacks 101. The name is fitting because is made simply, through baking with coconut oil. You can choose from four flavors, and I got a sample of Smokey Chipotle.


These were a real delight to snack on. The popcorn was very light in texture and dry to the touch but loaded with a nice flavor that wasn’t overwhelming. The chipotle makes itself known quickly, but in a subtle manner, and it isn’t overwhelming, which complements the other flavors. This is a great alternative to the microwave popcorns and others that are so loaded with artificial ingredients. Granted, it does have ingredients like maltodextrin and smoke flavor, but the ingredients are still better than other mostly artificial snacks.



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