REVIEW: Soyjoy Baked Whole Soy & Fruit Bar

Starting August 3, LWF will hold a giveaway of a package of 12+ gluten free snacks, desserts, and foods every week in August (that’s 4 giveaways!). I will provide a list of all the products included so you can see what you’re winning. I’ll use Rafflecopter, and if you’ve already followed me on Twitter, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to enter the giveaway by telling me what you’d like to see on this site. I’ll have a different question every week.

On with the review!


For those looking for a light snack that satisfies hunger quickly, SOYJOY bars are a nice healthy option.


The bar is great for a quick snack and the consistency is just right: not to dry and not to chewy. The flavor is very enjoyable and not overshadowed by sweetness. The calorie count is fine for someone concerned with their daily intake, and the carb count prevents that sudden surge/crash that’s so common with other bars that carry higher carb counts. In fact, the website states that all of SOYJOY’s bars have a low glycemic level.

Overall, this is a very nice treat when you have a hankering for something that satisfies.



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