Clean Diet New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in a very long time because, as we all know, they are made to be broken. There’s one reason that happens: overpromising. When you create a goal that isn’t possible to reach, or that’s too much of a stretch to believe you can reach, you end up missing it much of the time. So I’m making some goals (and promises) to myself to improve my diet and overall health. And I’m going to be able to keep them because they’re reasonable.

Goal #1: Limit my chocolate intake. I inhale chocolate. It’s my one and only addiction, and I must break it. I’m afraid that if I eat too much of it continually, I’ll develop an intolerance, even though it would most likely be temporary, and that would devastate me. Limiting my intake would also strengthen my discipline, which can only be a good thing. I strongly feel that if I can get my chocolate indulgences under control, I will be able to better control other aspects of less disciplined parts of my life as well. So what kinds of limitations are we talking about? I think it’s reasonable to say I should have no more than the equivalent of 2 ounces of dark chocolate per day – what is recommended by many doctors and nutritionists. Once a week, I can have more. If I have 2-3 chocolate chip cookies, that means no chocolate chips/bars. Same goes for brownies and the like. I think that’s very reasonable, and I think it will make a big difference in how I physically feel on a day-to-day basis, especially in the area of my resolve.

Goal #2: Go to the gym at least 2 times per week. This is extremely reasonable as I only go on weekdays anyway, and even if I’m loaded down with work and need to work late hours, it would be best to take a break and get the stress out physically. I’m particularly looking forward to this goal because it makes me feel really good and gives me positive energy. Not to mention the health benefits!

Goal #3: Cook more gourmet dinners for myself. I end up cheating on my diet, on purpose or not, for lack of interesting food. I don’t make time for myself to make wonderful dinners that will satisfy my culinary needs, so I eat out more and more, and that’s not good for me. I want to make sure I put the time aside to make exciting dinners – old and new recipes – that rival what I see in restaurants and help me stick to homemade food. All I need to do is put the time aside. This is easiest for me on weekends, so that’s when I’ll do it. I usually end up with lots of leftovers, so that will help me out for part of the week.

Goal #4: Cook things I’ve always wanted to try. I have a list of things I’m dying to make: dinners, desserts, snacks, etc. Some are complicated, some are simple. By the end of 2014, I found myself disappointed that I had never tried making a lot of the things I wanted to. So I’m going to make a list for myself of all the things I’m really dying to make. If I hang that up, I’ll plan for those recipes and finally get them made. And then I can share them with you! This also goes along with goal #3.

Goal #5: Read 2-3 books about what poor eating habits do to your body. This will help keep my on track when I feel weak. It will be like a support system beyond my friends and family, something I can refer back to and keep forever. I’d like to share whatever books I read with you so that you too can benefit from them in the same way – or more ways! This is something I’m very excited about because it will also expand my typical reading selection. I didn’t choose 5-10  on this one

Those are my major goals for 2015. They are broad and specific at the same time. I really feel they will help me stick to the diet that makes me feel the best. My clean eating will be stronger and more consistent than ever, and my body will be in its best health, which will make me feel good both physically and emotionally.

What goals do you have for 2015? Share in the comments below! Let’s support each other. 🙂


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