REVIEW: Gluten Free Explore Asian Jasmine Red Rice Pad Thai Noodles

Health Values: Certified gluten free, organic, vegan, cholesterol free, sodium free

Red Rice Noodles

When I saw these Explore Asian gluten free and organic jasmine red rice Pad Thai noodles, I was so excited because I absolutely LOVE the nutty taste of red rice. Up until now I’ve used gluten free brown rice noodles for my homemade Asian dishes, so I thought this might add a new dimension of flavor.

It SO did!

red noodle nests

And I discovered it just in the nick of time too, because I’ve always used Annie Chun noodles and I had a really bad experience with them recently.

I’d bought a box of Annie Chun’s gluten free Pad Thai rice noodles like I always do (I use at least a box a week), and when I took the sealed cellophane package out of the box, I discovered a dark hair on top of the noodles inside the sealed package.

Gross. But these things happen, so I emailed Annie Chun’s and let them know about it. I asked for a refund on the package since I’d thrown away the receipt and couldn’t return it. I told them there was no “best by” date, nor was there a production date stamped on the box. I also offered to return the package to them if they wanted proof.

The emailed me back asking for the “best by” date and the production date (did they not read the email at all?) and offering no refund or apology. When I tried to email them again, my emails suddenly wouldn’t go through – four times! Did they actually block me because I reported a problem? That’s VERY bad customer relations.

That was the end of Annie Chun’s for me. Companies that don’t care about their customers lose me as a customer.

That’s when I opened the bag of Explore Asian noodles and used them in the same recipe. Well, now I wouldn’t go back to Annie Chun’s anyway, because these red rice noodles are much more flavorful and leave enough sauce that the dish isn’t dry; in fact, even though the rice noodles offer their own mildly nutty flavor (milder than actual red rice), they also allow the sauce flavor to shine and enhance the dish, which Annie Chun’s didn’t.

red rice noodles stir fry

So I’m a convert, and I definitely recommend trying Explore Asian Red Rice Pad Thai Noodles!


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