Sugar Detox Day 11: First Detox vs. All Others

I want to assure you of something: the first sugar detox experience is always the hardest. It will get easier after the first one.


Squeeze me into water in the morning to get rid of sugary cereal cravings!

For those of you who have never done a sugar detox, you may spend some time feeling like you’re quitting cigarettes – impatient, moody, feeling like you constantly need to snack, and having cravings. It’s going to be more extreme your first time because you’re not just detoxing from some sugar or an overindulgence in sugar. You’re detoxing from an entire lifetime of sugar. That’s a whole lot of withdrawal your body is going through. But your reactions are normal, and once you’ve done your first good sugar detox, you can do it again and feel better during it.

The first time I did a sugar detox, I went off sugar completely for about eight months, only allowing myself dates and low-glycemic fruits. It was a HUGE detox, and honestly I didn’t want refined sugar anymore after a while. Once you really get yourself off sugar (and anything else you choose to cut yourself off from), get over the cravings, and replace sugar with other things, you may find yourself feeling like you’ve gotten so far that it’s not worth it to tempt yourself by having a piece of chocolate or a little cake. Even if/when you do eat sugar again at some point, you’ll probably have better control over your eating habits, and you may even find sugar too…well…sugary. After months and months of staying off sugar, I remember feeling like a pear was extremely sweet and refined sugar was disgusting. I still don’t like most cake icing unless it’s homemade. Store bought is not only too sweet, but I can taste the chemicals since I also no longer eat things with preservatives in them.

Ultimately, if this is your first time, remember that this is the hardest detox you’ll have to go through. It will make you stronger, help you resist sugar better, and allow you an easier time detoxing in the future. It’s worth all the effort, and you’ll feel a difference once your body gets past the withdrawal. For me, I felt more awake and energetic in general, I lost my afternoon fatigue, my moods improved, I could thinking more clearly, and I had an easier time waking up in the morning. And those are just the benefits that spring immediately to mind – there are many more.

How did your first detox go? Did you notice a difference between the first time and subsequent times?

Keep on living the wheat free life!


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