Sugar Detox Day 9: When Not To Detox

You’d think that starting a detox would be a good thing any time, but there are certain times in life you may be making things too difficult on yourself. If you can foresee any of these circumstances, don’t start a detox! You may end up having a much harder time with both your detox and your situation than you would have.

1. Holidays. If you detox during a holiday you will either (a) fall off the detox wagon or (b) hate yourself. Just picture it: everyone is stuffing themselves with food you’ve been looking forward to all year, food you enjoy, food you expect to stuff your own self with, and there you are, on a detox. Not only will it be that much harder to control yourself, but you’ll have to explain your picky eating to EVERYONE. That’s hard enough if you have an allergy, never mind if you’re doing something “optional”, or what some people call “unnecessary”. You’ll have to deal with more than is fair, and detoxing can be hard enough at times. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Enjoy your holiday and start your detox right afterwards. A good cleanse after too much food is great anyway.

homemade kale chips

Have snacks at the ready – easy recipe for kale chips to come!

2. During or before a breakup. You thought the breakup would go smoothly, but now your former significant other is giving you a hard time about it, maybe even throwing some things in your face that are hurtful. Maybe that person ends up texting or calling you afterwards, making you feel…well…like you need a little help from your food friends. This is the worst time to detox. It’s one thing if that person breaks up with you – you probably didn’t see it coming, so you couldn’t prepare. But if it’s your own choice, even if you know it’s the right thing to do, you may feel a strong need for food comfort. You will have an even harder time resisting while on a detox, plus detoxing can cause bad moods to feel worse. Don’t put yourself in a situation where something bad ends up feeling like something horrible. Start your detox after that pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

3. Directly after a difficult time. If you’ve just lost your job, now’s not the time to detox. Even if you feel positive, it’s much easier to slip up and then feel worse about yourself if you’ve got a difficult situation on your hands. Imagine this: you lose your job but get an interview with another company right away. You think it’s the perfect time to start a detox – a fresh start for your life and your body. But then the interview doesn’t go so well, and now you’re upset, anxious, and you’re craving unhealthy things. If you can stay strong, that’s great, but sometimes things like detoxing are a step too far. Sometimes, you just need to comfort yourself without feeling guilty. The last thing you need is to feel extra bad about yourself because you broke your detox. Have that slice of chocolate cake to pick up your mood and move on.

4. During PMS. Do I need to explain this?

5. If you are unprepared. The worst thing you can do is say, “I’m going on a 30-day detox!”, then look in your fridge right before dinner and have nothing to eat. Decide you’re going on a detox, think about what you’ll allow yourself to eat and drink, go shopping, then start the detox. I once tried to start a sugar detox randomly and had absolutely nothing to snack on. I was practically gnawing on the table and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. It was not a good start.

What’s the moral of the story? The best detoxes are planned detoxes. I’m not talking about a one-day flush, I’m talking about 14-30+ day detoxes. Look at your calendar. Make sure none of the above are about to happen (as far as you know). Plan your food, especially your snacks. For your first detox especially, keep a list of the foods you can eat to create a feeling of plenty instead of deprivation. Did I mention having many, many snacks at the ready?

What kind of preparations do you make before starting a detox?

Keep on living the wheat free life!


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