Sugar Detox Day 8: Quash Your Cravings

Cravings are the worst part of sugar detoxes. Some of the time, you don’t even crave the taste, just the snack or the full feeling sugar can help give you. So the idea is to replace that with other food and other strategies.

1. Have citrus on hand. For some reason, citrus tends to eliminate sugar cravings for me, and others have confirmed this works for them as well. I haven’t done the research yet to find out why it works, but when I’d do anything for some chocolate, I don’t care.

2. Work out. When you’re suffering from cravings, shifting your focus helps a lot, especially if you’re doing an activity that doesn’t allow you to eat. If possible, go to the gym to help your body feel good, your Don't panicmood improve, and your resolve strengthen.

3. Change your routine. Do you usually follow a certain routine at work? First deal with emails, then work on a project, next make some calls, then have a meeting, etc. I know I tend to do the same old, same old at the office, and that makes my cravings worse, especially since my body has become used to expecting some sugar at a certain time of the day and at a certain point in my routine. If possible, break your routine. Reverse your order of doing things or take a lunch break you normally wouldn’t. Switching things up can help distract you (and your body) from cravings.

4. Go talk to someone. Seriously. If you feel a sudden craving come on and it’s hard to control, get up from your desk and go talk to someone. You’ll most likely get lost in conversation and forget about your cravings, or at least they’ll have a chance to pass. Even better if you have a friend or coworker who knows about your detox so you can talk to them about it. The buddy system works even if the other person isn’t doing a detox – just having someone who understands or knows about it helps.

5. Have tea, coffee, or juice. Drink something flavorful that you really like. Some coffees have such wonderful flavors, they’re like eating a dessert. Teas like green tea taste so extremely different from sugar that they can change your tastebuds’ concentration on getting something sweet. Juices can act as a pretty good replacement to having something sugary because they have such full flavor and can also be naturally sweet.

If all else fails, drink a lot of water quickly so your stomach will get full fast. This can help you feel like you simply can’t handle any food at all, even the yummy stuff.

Do you have different strategies for eradicating your sugar cravings?

Keep on living the wheat free life!


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