Sugar Detox Day 5: Detox Depression and Mood Swings

I feel like crap, especially at the beginning of a sugar detox. I have serious “lows” that act as pseudo depressions and make me want to cry for absolutely no reason. I tend to feel like everything is wrong with my life even though nothing is. And my mood swings are horrendous. One minute I’m feeling fine and accomplishing things, the next I’m close to tears and feeling lonely while out with friends. It’s not fun. But it is natural. As proven by this T-shirt.

Sugar helps us raise our spirits and our energy temporarily, and we often ingest much more than we think, resulting in a sort of dependence on it for good moods. Chocolate is even worse in that way because it’s not just sugar, it’s caffeine. When I’m not feeling a little low on an average (non-detoxing) day, I usually have some chocolate to quickly boost my mood. If I’m feeling a little draggy, I have some chocolate. Hungry, chocolate. It has become quite the little fix-all for me, and I’ve been binging like crazy lately. There’s nothing in it that bothers me or is actually bad for me – I eat Enjoy Life, which has no allergens and only four ingredients (and the morsels have only two!). But when I become too dependent on something, I figure it’s time to take myself off it for a while. Hence the detox.radacina_the_sad_little_emo

Originally I had also wanted to detox because I had a tiny rash, but it turned out that was from something I’d eaten that didn’t taste bad but wasn’t as fresh as it should have been.

Yes, I’m that sensitive.

ANYWAY, don’t worry, the mood swings and pseudo depressions clear up after a short time. They’re just your body’s reaction to going cold turkey on things it has become addicted to, which is a natural thing that happens with sugar, especially an overconsumption of sugar.

To help with needing a caffeine boost, turn to coffee or green tea or even cold water. To help with your mood, there’s no great food-related way to help with this that I know of. You can combine cocoa with something sweet to get the chocolate taste, though, and that can help. I’ll have a recipe to help you with that very soon! Otherwise, things like backing away from your computer and taking a second for yourself, giving yourself a real lunch break instead of eating at your desk, and hanging out with friends whenever possible are the best solutions to bad moods. Playing happy music and games also help a lot.

Have you had this kind of reaction to sugar detox, or any other kind of detox for that matter?

Keep on living the wheat free life!


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