Sugar Detox Day 3: Reinvent Your Sugary Drinks

A lot of people miss sodas and juices and seasonal drinks (read: fall) on their sugar detox. And what do I always say when it comes to missing things? Never eliminate, always replace! Here are some really awesome replacements that will do the trick.

Use seltzer inventions to quench your soda cravings:
– squeeze orange juice straight from the orange into a glass of plain (unflavored) seltzer for a replacement orange soda. Experiment with the ratio of seltzer to juice – everyone’s preferences are different. This will not be as sugary as orange soda, but it’s a good substitute, plus the sweeter the orange, the better the replacement! So be sure to look for very orange oranges – in my experience, they’re usually the sweetest.
– squeeze half a lemon into your glass of seltzer. It can be a bit sour, but it can also kill the sugar craving!
– squeeze half a lime into your glass of seltzer. Lime tastes AMAZING all by itself in seltzer. And if you want to try something a little different, try this recipe for Zingy Salted Lime Soda!
– any combination of the above!

Homemade fruit waters happen to be popular right now:
Don’t even bother with the bottled stuff; it almost always has some kind of sweetener in it. Instead, make a quick batch of fruit water in a jar or even a pitcher to last you longer! Here are some great ideas collected on Buzzfeed, complete with recipes.IMG_1080

Break out your juicer:
Now is the time to juice it up, especially with things that will satisfy that sweet tooth. My favorite is baby carrots. The juice is so incredibly sweet, you’ll swear there’s sugar in there somewhere.

Buy stuff:
– Whole Foods carries loads of fresh juices with no sweeteners in them. In fact, you have your pick of raw, cold pressed, lightly pasteurized, organic, GMO-free…I could go on and on.
– some restaurants and upscale grocery stores now have juice bars! Need I elaborate?

Partake in holiday drinks:
Since fall is here and we’re all very excited to have some apple cider, DON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELF! You can still have apple cider without sugar – and it tastes just as good! Believe it or not, apple juice with nothing in it tastes much better than the stuff typically ingested in your youth like Motts.
– make sure the apple juice you choose has no other ingredients and is not from concentrate. In my opinion, the best apple juice of all time is Whole Foods brand Organic Honeycrisp Apple Juice. It tastes like there’s sugar in it because honey crisp apples are so sweet!
– get a package of RW Knudsen Organic Mulling Spices. They come in a box and within the box are a bunch of tea bags with apple cider spices!
– stick your apple juice in the microwave for as long as you’d put tea or coffee water in. Then steep a bag of the mulling spices in the hot apple juice. In just a few minutes, you have incredible preservative free, sugar free, organic apple cider!


So you see? It’s definitely doable! What do you use to replace sugary drinks when you detox?

Keep on living the wheat free life!


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