Sugar Detox Day 1: Fruit Assist

The first day of sugar detox is brutal. Even as an experienced detoxer, my body fights me, making it feel like I haven’t eaten anything all day no matter how much I’ve eaten. I don’t get as many cravings because I’m used to going without sugar for long periods of time, but it’s the gnawing hunger I can’t shake. So I turn to fruit, which is a great snack to have throughout the day and a good sweet substitute.

Here’s my list of fruits I allow myself to eat on the first day of detox:

– any variety of apples
– any variety of citrus
– pears or pear juice
– berries (optional)

On the first day, I don’t allow myself things like bananas, dates, mangos, and pineapples because they’re high glycemic – I want a clean break from heavy sugars. Stone fruits have to be in season, so I ignore them most of the time.


I’m your best friend right now.

Eat your fruits like so:

– raw
– baked with spices (apples and pears)
– juiced
– added to water (especially large doses of lemon)
– smoothies
– “nice cream” (homemade ice cream replacement, can be done with home-frozen fruits other than bananas)
– in salads
– with a nut butter
– in oatmeal

Fruit or not, you’ll probably be a bit grumpy the first day because it’s hard to fill that sugar void, but know you’re not alone in your bad moods! They’re a common side effect of sugar detox since sugar is an addictive substance.

Do you eat the same fruits when you detox? Do you prepare them the same ways, or do you have some other suggestions?

I’ll be back with more sugar detox fabulousness tomorrow.

Keep on living the wheat free life!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I CAN RELATE!!! Seriously, I found this to be one of the hardest things to detox from. I like your ideas and I’ll be using some of them because – I hate to say it, but I need a sugar detox too….chocolate is my downfall!


    • YES, chocolate is so hard to resist! It’s my downfall too. Sometimes you can add plain cocoa to something that’s naturally sweet on its own, like nice cream, and then it feels a little like you’re having regular chocolate! That’s a great way to trick your tongue into thinking you’re eating chocolate. 😊


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