Sugar Detox Hell

Sugar is addictive – we all know that. But it’s also sneaky. And it snuck into my diet far too much in the past few weeks. I got a tiny rash this week and couldn’t figure out what it was from until I realized that two years ago I had a similar rash that disappeared after I quit refined sugar. I couldn’t believe it. Until I started thinking about my eating habits lately:

– sugar in the dressing for the Panera salads I’ve eaten more often in the past couple of months than in the past couple of years
– sugar in a stir fry sauce I make every week
– sugar in a gluten free baking mix I’ve been gorging myself on
– sugar in two sorbets I absolutely love
– sugar in the massive amount of chocolate I’ve been consuming


Somehow I just hadn’t noticed the massive increase, only the sudden feeling of freedom in being able to eat more and bake less. And now I’m paying the price.

I immediately went off sugar and only two days later, the rash is gone. I’m very fortunate it went away so fast – probably because my diet is so clean other than that – but still, I realized that I need to really pay attention to what I’m eating and how often in order to stay healthy. Not everyone gets rashes from eating too much sugar. Some people gain weight, break out in hives/acne, muscles tense up, are tired, fatigued or need more sleep…the list goes on and on because everyone’s reactions are different.

I’m going back to my refined sugar-free diet and keeping the high glycemic foods and fruits low for now. Chocolate is out for a while (although I might still post some recipes for you that have chocolate in them), and when it comes back into my diet, I’m going to control it like I used to. If you didn’t know already, chocolate is my major weakness. Anything else is easy for me to drop, but chocolate…do I really need to explain? I think not. Some things transcend words.

In the meantime, this sugar detox is HELL. It’s making me feel hungry all the time, like a bottomless pit. I just got back from the store with bags and bags of fruit (fruit doesn’t bother me in terms of sugar, but I’m still being safe and steering clear of high glycemics). Apples, oranges, grapefruits, I’m depending on you! Don’t let me down!

After these couple of days and maybe a couple more, I may add something back in so that I can make replacement desserts, which always helps me so much. If I add a small amount of dates in, I can make carrot cupcakes with no frosting and dates instead of honey. If I have one or two dates in a recipe like that, those dates get spread throughout all 12 cupcakes, which means I’m not eating much per day if I have only one cupcake in a day – and I usually eat one every other day anyway. I’ll also be making a fair amount of banana nice cream to help me out. Banana nice cream is my sugar savior.

I’ll post the recipes I make that are completely free of sweetener so you can join me if you want – as in PLEASE JOIN ME! 😅

ANYWAY, have you ever done a sugar detox? How did you make it through? Do you have any recipes to share or that you’d like me to try out?

Keep on living the wheat free life!


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