Gluten Free Wegman’s Organic Hummus

Health Values: Gluten free, organic, vegan, dairy free.

I love hummus, but I don’t love all hummus. If any one flavor is too overpowering or if I don’t care for the spices in the jazzed-up versions, I’ll pass on it. I’m not a one-size-fits-all hummus consumer, but I really love having some in the fridge for snacking.

Wegman’s had a $1.00 coupon on their organic hummus, and since the 7 oz. container is only $2.49 to start with, I was more than willing to give it a try at $1.49.

Wegman's gluten free hummus

I’m SO glad I did! I chose the original hummus, without anything extra in it, to see what the basic recipe tastes like.

I was so pleasantly surprised when, unlike some other brands I’ve tried, neither the lemon juice nor the sea salt were used in overpowering amounts. The flavor is good and on the neutral side (though not bland), so if you like a more lemony flavor, you can add lemon juice; if you like cumin or other spices in your hummus, you can add them without fear of them clashing with existing flavors.

Wegman's gluten free hummus

The consistency was perfect – creamy but not loose. I tried it by itself first, then I went for gold and put it on Mary’s Gone Crackers Onion crackers, which went so well with this hummus.Wegman's hummus on Mary's Gone Crackers

This is definitely at the top of my list as a go-to hummus I can buy when I don’t have time to make my own.




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