Gluten Free Ginnybakes Ginnyminis Butter Crisp Love Cookies

Health Values: Gluten free, non-GMO, organic

Mini cookies are always fun and so easy to eat when you’re on the go, and I’ve always loved butter cookies, so I was very interested to try gluten free Ginnybakes Ginnyminis Butter Crisp Love Cookies.


I got all set up with my cup of tea and my little bowl of cookies for an afternoon treat. I was very glad I had the tea, because these cookies are extremely hard – and I love crunchy things. But these were harder than most cookies, so dunking in warm tea was the perfect solution. It got them to the perfect level of crunch.

Ginnybakes Butter Crisp Cookies

The flavor is good, but not great. The second ingredient is organic butter, and that taste definitely came through prominently. A little too prominently, actually, because between that and too much sweetness, I didn’t get that well-blended cookie flavor; it was more like butter and sugar battling it out for dominance.

If you like sugary buttery butter cookies, then you may like these. Personally, I prefer cookies (and any baked goods) where the flavors blend and I’m not overwhelmed by sweetness.

These mini cookies (about the size of a quarter but very thick) come 6 to a bag and six bags to a box for about $6.49 (prices vary). I’m glad I tried them, but they’re just not for me.



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