Gluten Free Raw Organic BluePrint Orange Grapefruit Lemon Juice

Health Values: Gluten free, raw, organic, dairy free, soy free, no artificial or natural flavors

I’m a huge fan of juicing, but I next to never have time for it, nor do I plan ahead well enough to buy the fruits and veggies I want to juice in any kind of logical combination. I was very frustrated about that until I stepped into the store-bought juicing world and discovered that, while they are few, there are great pure juices out there!

I have allergies to natural and artificial flavors, and those often hide in juice concentrates, so I don’t drink juice that contains any ingredients from concentrate. You’re probably thinking, What is there left to drink without those always-present ingredients? You’d be surprised! Exhibit #1.


BluePrint is an excellent company for completely natural juices and juice cleanses. You can find a nice variety of them at Whole Foods. The orange grapefruit lemon is the one I tried (I can’t find it on their website though), and it’s the true definition of juicing and lack of processing: it tastes different every time! This is because there are no fake flavors to help boost the flavor and make it consistently the same every time – only the fruits themselves, and the taste depends purely on them.


It’s all organic, raw, and cold pressed. I am automatically a fan of anything that has gone through little to no processing and contains only the necessary ingredients, nothing more. I love this juice and the way the flavor changes each time I have it. It’s a great way to replace juice concentrate mixes without missing a thing. LOVE!



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