Gluten Free Larabar Cherry Pie Bar

Health Values: Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan

In order to be completely honest in their labeling, Larabar should change the name of this bar from “Cherry Pie” to just plain “Sour Cherry”. It didn’t taste like any pie I’ve ever had, let alone a cherry pie. It simply tasted like a sour cherry bar.

Very sour. If you’re not into sour fruits, this isn’t the bar for you.

gf larabar cherry

The consistency was also different than other Larabars – it was stickier and softer. Neither did the bar any favors.

gf larabar cherry 2

Personally, I don’t like sour fruit snacks, so I didn’t get past the first two bites. My gluten-free friend doesn’t mind that flavor, so she ate the rest of the bar. However, she did make it a point to say she wouldn’t buy another one.

So again,  Larabar missed the mark.



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