Gluten Free Larabar Coconut Cream Pie

Health Values: Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, non-GMO

Larabar has quite a number of different gluten free selections, so we’ve committed ourselves to trying each one….in the name of blog research, of course….

The first on deck is the Coconut Cream Pie bar. We love coconut, so we were excited to try it.

gf larabar coconut

The first thing we noticed was that the color was a bit odd for a coconut bar – we naturally expected it to be white or at least whitish.  But since dates are used as the sweetener, we disregarded that preconceived notion. On with the tasting!

gf larabar coconut 2

What a huge disappointment! There’s only one way to describe the taste I got from this bar, and – I hate to say it – that’s “vomit”. No exaggeration. I don’t understand how they could taste so bad since the ingredients are simple and all things we love: dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews, extra virgin coconut oil. How could something filled with such goodness go so wrong? Maybe a bad batch of dates? Rancid coconut oil? Still, I’ve never tasted anything like that in any of those ingredients.

My gluten-free buddy made quite an unpleasant face when she took her first bite as well. Neither of us could even swallow it; we ended up spitting them out and tossing the entire bar. Not even good melted chocolate could save this thing.

We thought maybe this was a one-off, so we asked the opinions of other gluten free friends who had also tried it. Not one of them liked it either. Mind you, they tried totally different batches at completely different times, with months separating them, so it couldn’t just be this one batch.

But we’re committed to our taste-testing goals, so we’ll push on and try others. After all, plenty of companies have hits and misses all under the same label, so we’re hoping for better results with the next one. Fingers crossed.

No “okays” on this one.


3 responses to this post.

  1. […] nearly as nasty tasting as their Coconut Cream Pie bar – I couldn’t even swallow the first bite and we threw the rest of the bar out – […]


  2. Posted by CJ on June 20, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Im with you here. Even in 2015 I was shocked when taking my first bite of the Coconut Cream Pie bar. I had to check if I was the only one. Fix it Larabar!


    • I was really surprised! I’m finding that a fair amount of raw coconut products have a strange taste. Without the preservatives, raw coconut might have a shorter shelf life than companies would like to believe. Who knows why. I’m always wary of raw coconut products now. Baked seem to have less of an issue.


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