Gluten Free Nana’s Cookie Company No Gluten Chocolate

Health Values: gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, egg free, no refined sugars (fruit juice sweetened)

I love small companies. I love to support their products and I admire people who start their own businesses. That said, I still have to be honest in my review of this cookie.

I had high hopes for this soft, thick cookie. What I tried was a small, individually-packaged sample with no ingredient listing, so I had to look them up online. But through the sample’s clear packaging, I could tell this was a nice soft cookie which could be perfect with an afternoon cup of tea.

gf nana

Unfortunately, the cookie was extremely dry. It crumbled as soon as I bit it and felt like sawdust in my mouth. The initial flavor was  chocolatey, but that was quickly replaced by a not-so-great off taste that I remember from the early days of gluten-free packaged cookies. And that’s the same after-taste that remained with me after I swallowed the first – and last – bite of this cookie.

As much as I would like to say some positive things, I couldn’t get past that first bite and I ended up throwing the rest of the small cookie away. I even forgot to take a picture of it.

This sample was given out at a large gluten-free event, and Nana’s had contributed samples for the attendees. So I’m assuming the samples were completely representative of their product. It didn’t taste stale at all, so I can’t blame the disappointing consistency/flavor on that.

I see from their website that they’ve got a pretty big line of products, so they’re quite successful, but I’m not interested in trying any more of them. If their cookie was as good as their website (which is excellent), then I’d be buying them weekly.

No thumbs up on this one. Sorry, Nana.


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