Follow Your Heart Organic Vegenaise

Guest blogger raisingdaisy is back with another product review.

I lamented the loss of mayo when we started our gluten-free/leaky-gut/anti-inflammatory diet (that’s a mouthful all by itself!). No more of my favorite lunches – chunky chicken salad, the occasional tuna salad, and lettuce wraps with flavorful homemade aiolis.

And then came Vegenaise. vegenaise

I wrinkled my nose when I heard about this stuff, thinking it would be another of those flavor disasters that would take hours to get off my tongue. But when it went on sale at Whole Foods, I decided to bite the bullet and try it.

I prepared: I had a flavorful treat open and waiting on the counter in case my low expectations became a reality. I wanted to immediately counteract whatever nasty taste this pseudo-mayo would force upon me.

Turns out, I didn’t need to go through all those theatrics.

They should have called it Better Than Mayo. It’s got the right creamy consistency and tastes so much like mayo that it would probably even fool the CEO of Hellman’s. But it’s better than mayo because it’s heart-smart, allergy-smart, organic, and has a little something extra about it that gives it a slightly better flavor than plain mayo. (It does contain soy.)

I’m thrilled to say I’m once again enjoying my chicken salad and aioli lettuce wrap lunches. I could never go back to regular mayo again, even if all our allergy issues suddenly vanished.



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