Gluten Free Vegetarian Oskri Fig Bars

Today’s product review was written by our guest blogger, raisingdaisy.

We had high hopes for these fig bar snacks. Not only are they made in the USA, but they have only one ingredient – figs. We love dried figs and we’ve found they make a great between-meal snack at home, so these fig bars would be an easy way to have that same snack when we’re on the go.

gf fig bars

Unfortunately, our hopes exceeded reality. As soon as we opened one of the individually foil-wrapped bars, we noticed an odd smell – one I’d classify as having a tobacco undertone. But sometimes things taste better than they smell….except this wasn’t one of those times.

It only took one bite to confirm that the off smell wasn’t just a random thing; these bars were truly awful. So awful that we threw the rest of the bar and the rest of the package away, which is pretty unusual for us. If something isn’t as good as we’d hoped, we usually find another way to use it or a way to doctor it up a bit. That was impossible with these bars.

So unfortunately, in the world of hits and misses, this was a total miss. Even at their reasonable price of $3.99 for 5 bars, it’s not worth the money.


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