Sausage, Apples, and Onions Breakfast

I found out through Cyrex bloodwork that I definitely have leaky gut, and it’s pretty bad. Luckily, I have a great alternative doctor to guide me through the healing process! I’m taking some all natural supplements that are helping to get my stomach and intestines in order. While I’m taking this stuff, I have to adhere to a really strict diet. Basically organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats, fish (wild), vegetables (no nightshades), and fruits (nothing high glycemic/tropical). I can have lots of seasonings as long as they’re not part of the nightshade family, no dairy, no grains. The idea is to get rid of any inflammation in my stomach/intestines so the supplements can do their good work. The diet is a bit rough, but you get used to it. So now everything I’m making sticks to these rules.

Here is a breakfast I made this weekend – soooooo good! I took organic sweet onions and apples, and sauteed them in olive oil.

When they started browning a bit (most visibly, the onions), I added the Applegate Italian sausage to the pan (extra super natural!). After browning the onions, but not waiting until they were translucent, and heating everything through nicely, I was done.





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