Rice Dream Organic Strawberry Ice Cream

Finding a good non-dairy ice cream is a brand new adventure for me. I’ve been getting much more strict about my dairy intake than I used to be, and I’m trying to avoid ice cream unless I find something really special. I love Rice Dream‘s rice milk, so when I saw Rice Dream ice cream, I thought it would be a good start:

I got strawberry because it used to be one of my favorite flavors of ice cream back in the day 🙂 The texture was odd – not quite gummy, but definitely not as “hard” as regular ice cream. The taste was also a bit odd; the pockets of strawberry stuff (it wasn’t whole strawberries) was okay, but overly sugary and almost more like a jam. The ice cream part of it was eh, but didn’t taste a whole lot like strawberry ice cream or strawberries. It was closer to the strawberry syrup type of taste.

Overall, I really didn’t like it much, and it honestly takes some getting used to. Something I don’t really want to do when trying to enjoy an ice cream substitute.

Flavor Factor:


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  3. Posted by Lisa McCartney on March 25, 2016 at 9:23 pm

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