Gluten Free Mango Apple Salsa Recipe

Something simple and yummy for your Friday night dinner:

Juice from 1 limeDSC_0038
a few branches worth of cilantro leaves
1/2 jalapeno, finely diced (use 1/4 jalapeno to cut the spice)
1 mango, roughly diced
1 apple (I prefer Red Delicious), roughly diced
1/2 purple onion, diced
1 large pinch sugar
1 small large pinch salt (the ratio of sugar to salt is 2:1)

Make sure to taste test as you go and adjust seasonings (salt, sugar, and cilantro) to your tastebuds’ pleasure. Simply mix all ingredients well and enjoy! You can eat it by itself, scoop it up with some lime tortilla chips, or put it on top of fish, chicken, or just rice.

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