WF Gluten Free Bakehouse Hamburger Buns

One of my favorite things before I developed my gluten allergy used to be hamburger buns. I used to buy a pack and just eat them. They were so soft and yummy…I’m getting excited just thinking about them! I’ve been looking for good hamburger buns since I’ve had my allergy and haven’t had a ton of success. Well, that’s not entirely true. I don’t buy most hamburger buns because they’re usually very expensive.

Whole Foods has its own gluten free brand, Gluten Free Bakehouse, and lo and behold what did I see in their gluten free freezer – HAMBURGER BUNS FOR $4.50!!!! That is sooooooo cheap! So I decided to give them a try.

These rolls are quite yummy, though they shouldn’t be called hamburger buns because they are way too heavy to eat with a hamburger. When I picked up the frozen package, they felt like 10 lbs. And that didn’t change after they had defrosted! I like to heat them up, which softens them, and eat them as my breakfast with butter. I love their texture once they’re heated up – soft and they don’t break apart, so the butter spreads very easily. They are filling, so it’s best to have them either as their own meal/snack, or with not too much in between them if you’re making a sandwich.

Flavor Factor: 


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