Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake!

Today I had a surprise birthday party for one of my friends and, as always, it’s difficult to find a cake that everyone (including me) can eat. I can get cheesecake, but lots of people won’t eat it because it’s too heavy. I can get a regular birthday cake, but some people don’t think it’s worth the calories. I can get one of those custard cakes with the fruit on top, but some people think the custard is too heavy. So what’s left?


My friend is a huge fan of a place called The Bent Spoon, so I checked out what they offer for birthdays and lo and behold, they have ice cream cakes! But not just any ice cream cakes…ice cream cakes made purely of ice creams and sorbets, NO CAKE! 😀

The whole thing is arranged via email. You email them some details about what you want (specified on their website), they confirm the order, they send you all their latest flavors two days before you need the cake, you let them know what you want, and voila!

For my friend’s birthday, I got passion fruit ice cream on the top, chocolate sorbet in the middle, and coffee cookie ice cream on the bottom. The cake was beautiful and every single person at the party had some! The flavors were terrific too!

Flavor Factor:

*The cost in the categories is “$41-60” because we got the 10 inch cake which is recommended for 12-16 people. We had 12 people and there was actually a little less than half a cake leftover!


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  1. Thank you for sharing with us, I believe this website truly stands out : D.


  2. nice work thank you


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