Wheat Allergies? Check the ingredients on your shampoo…

I’m trying to buy organic shampoos with fewer chemicals and less added scent because my face is very sensitive to these things in shampoos. So I bought a shampoo called Kiss My Face, which is made with tons of great natural ingredients, in the hopes that the lack of chemicals and added fragrance would agree with my face.

I used it for 6 days before I started getting a very strange headache that only affected the top of my head. When I woke up the 7th day, one of my eyes was a bit swollen, something that only happens to me when I’m having an allergic reaction.

Using my Sherlock Holmes skills, I realized that the only thing I’d done differently lately was use this shampoo. I carefully read the ingredients one by one only to discover that hydrolized wheat protein was at the bottom of the list! I couldn’t believe it! I quickly re-washed my hair with a different shampoo and the headache stopped shortly thereafter. The next day my eye was back to its normal size.

Lesson: always check ingredients of everything you buy – even toiletries – for wheat (or whatever you’re allergic to!).


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