Cheese Ups

As all food allergy prone people know, good snacks can be difficult to come by, especially when you’re allergic to more than one thing (like moi, for example). I used to really like Cheez-Its, but of course now they’re out of the question. So I am pleased to say I’ve found something  to take their place: Cheese Ups!

I really like these snacks because they’re light but don’t sacrifice flavor. Just like in the picture, they are small, crispy, puffed out triangles with nothing in the middle. Their cheesiness is not overwhelming, it’s just right. And once you start eating them, you will be seriously tempted to eat the whole bag. I think at $1.99 per bag, they are well-priced in comparison to other wheat free snacks of the same size. Especially when you look at even the smallest bags of wheat free pretzels, which are always at least $5.

Flavor Factor:


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