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From BLT to BLA (and it’s not boring)

Who doesn’t love a good BLT? Of course the classic is AMAZING – I’m not contesting that! But I don’t always want to use tomato because nightshades cause inflammation in  your body. Also, tomatoes can be pretty flavorless if they’re not in season. So instead, I have the perfect replacement: BLA. And it’s anything but blah. Bacon-Lettuce-and-Apple! For my own diet, here’s how I make it:

Bacon: Applegate Organic Turkey Bacon

Lettuce: organic green or red leaf lettuce

Apple: a sweet, crisp organic apple contrasts the salty bacon, typically Pink Lady, Jazz, Gala

Mayo: my favorite dairy-free mayo is Organic Vegenaise, and they have a couple of different options to suit your dietary needs including soy free

Bread: homemade buckwheat bread recipe or Udi’s White Sandwich Bread (when I was still eating it)

BLA - bacon, lettuce, apple

And there you have it. An easy organic, anti-inflammatory, gluten free, dairy free, and optional soy free BLT variation, especially perfect for fall, when apples are in their prime! What kinds of variations have you made either to accommodate your diet or just to spice it up?

Keep on living the wheat free life!

Gluten Free Banana Spice Cake Recipe

Since it’s fall, I’m not trying to do apple or pumpkin everything, but instead spice everything! So the beginning of this fall trend is banana spice cake, which I’m happy to say turned out really well. Super light, moist, and yummy. Here’s my recipe:

Banana Spice Cake Recipe Index Card

If you like to taste heavier spices, double everything in the spice mix part. Otherwise the spices will be light and the banana flavor will be front and center.

Set the oven to 350 degrees.

1. In a bowl, mash the bananas with a fork until they’re as smooth as possible. Mine always still have some lumps, but this is normal.
2. Add all wet ingredients to the bananas and mix well.
3. Put all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix them together well, making sure to use a spatula to press out any lumps most common in the almond flour and coconut sugar.
4. Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and turn the mixer on. Make sure you scrape the bottom of the mixer with a spatula so none of the dry ingredients stay clumped on the bottom. The batter will seem a little loose – that’s okay! If you dip your spatula into the batter, about half should slide off and half should stick.
5. Pour mixture into a well greased baking pan (mine was 9×9) and put in the oven for approximately 30 minutes.

Banana Spice Cake

By the time your cake is done baking, it will be a beautiful brown with edges pulled away from the sides of the baking pan. It shocked me how light this came out, but the combo of almond flour and brown rice flour is really what did it.

Banana Spice Cake Piece

I can’t wait to share more spice recipes with you!

Keep on living the wheat free life!

Coming Down from a Sugar Detox

WE’VE DONE IT! We’ve completed the sugar detox! And by “we” I mean anyone who’s ever experienced a sugar detox…and me. Your body is cleansed of refined sugar and is showing signs of its contentment; you have more energy, sleep better, think clearer, etc.

But what now?

I’ll tell you what NOT now. Don’t overdose on sugar as soon as you’re off the detox! You’ll actually undo all you’ve done and shock your body. And we all know how shocked bodies react. Just look what happensno sugar overload to people who go on juice diets to lose weight and then go straight back into a regular diet – they usually gain more weight than they had in the first place. So how do you go about reincorporating some sugars without screwing with your system? Easy. No, literally. Take it easy – ease them into your system. That’s the healthiest way to do it. Don’t go eating a whole pile of refined sugar cookies right off the bat. Instead, limit yourself to two or three per day and slowly increase. You might be surprised, though, at your lack of cravings, or that a smaller amount of sweet things will satisfy you. Or even that the ice cream that tasted so good just two weeks ago now tastes overly sweet. Don’t mourn it – it’s a good thing! The less tempted you are to have refined sugar, the better off your body is.

Here are some good things to start out with:

- Mango Apple Salsa – eat it on chips, salmon, meat, or even by itself; eliminating the sugar is absolutely fine, I actually prefer it that way

- Chococorn – spread your chocolate intake out and mix it with healthy air-popped plain popcorn for a lightly sweet and satisfying snack

Coconut Bliss ice cream – have a small serving of non-dairy ice cream that doesn’t use refined sugar, just agave; look especially for the plainer flavors

Larabars – they use dates instead of refined sugar; I particularly like the Apple Pie, Banana Bread, and Peanut Butter Cookie bars

- Juice – pick a juice, any juice that (1) doesn’t come from concentrate (2) doesn’t have sugar in it

And those are just four easy things to help you – two homemade, three you can buy in the store.

What do you usually do when you come off a sugar detox? Do you eat sugar alternatives or go back to the refined stuff?

Keep on living the wheat free life!

Sugar Detox Day 14: “Like A Pro” Pasta

LAST DAY OF SUGAR DETOX! Wow! It went by faster than I’d expected. For this last post, I want to share with you a product I already blogged about once because it’s surprising that it’s safe for sugar detox. Plus, I’m going to show you how you can spice it up. Did you guess what it is from the title? It’s Hoboken Farms Big Red Marinara Sauce!

Hoboken Farms Big Red Marinara Sauce

This sauce has no sugar and is made from basic organic ingredients, no extras, no preservatives. It’s wonderful by itself, but I like to dress it up a little sometimes. On this detoxing occasion, I used pitted kalamata olives, which I cut in half. But let’s start from the beginning.

1. Boil water with some salt.
2. Put in pasta. I used Jovial’s Brown Rice Penne this time. If you’re doing a single serving, put in about 1.5 cups to 2 cups, depending on how hungry you are. I like a full bowl of pasta, so I use 2 cups.
3. Boil pasta until just barely al dente, then strain and quickly rinse in cold water. Put aside.
4. Rinse out the pot you just used and put in about 1 cup of marinara sauce on medium heat. Use the same stove burner to save energy. Here’s where you can get fancy. You can:
– Add a 1/2 tablespoon of oregano
– Sauté diced onions, then add them to the heated sauce
– Cut 4-6 pitted kalamata olives cut in half and add to the sauce as it’s heating up
– Sauté other chopped veggies like bell peppers, broccoli, peas, etc. and add them to the heated sauce
– Add meat – roast chicken, ham, or even steak – to the sauce as it’s heating up
5. Once the sauce is heated through, add the pasta and mix well. Let the sauce cook down a little bit and stir a couple more times to make sure the pasta doesn’t stick. This will take about 4 minutes.

Kalamata Olives in Marinara Sauce with Penne

That’s all there is to it! You skipped the hard part – making the sauce – and just added some extras. You even used the same pan for the pasta, so that’s one less thing you have to wash. You did this like a pro, and you have the restaurant-quality dish to show for it. What a reward for the last day of sugar detox!

So how did your sugar detox go? Was this your first time? Would you do it again?

Keep on living the wheat free life!

Sugar Detox Day 13: Easy Chicken with Apples, Onions, and Red Pepper

Sorry I’m a day behind with these posts! The last one will be tomorrow for my 14-day detox.

When I’m sugar detoxing, it helps cut my cravings if I have something sweet(ish) as part of my lunch or dinner. Then I don’t feel the need for dessert. And with so many different sweet fall apples out there, it’s the perfect time for this very simple recipe that takes next to no time at all.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.34.57 PM

1. In a sauté pan, cook diced apple, diced onion, and diced red pepper until the onion is almost done.
2. Add shredded roast chicken breast and mix in well with other ingredients.  Cook until the chicken is heated through.


That’s it! I found no need for salt in this recipe. I also found no need for any kind of sauce because the cooked apple, onion, and red pepper were so sweet and such a good combo, it felt like a complete dish all by itself. You could possibly throw some balsamic vinegar in there, but I like it best on its own.

Do you like to have fruit in your savory dishes? Do you find it helps cut your cravings?

Keep on living the wheat free life!

Sugar Detox Day 12: Homemade Garlic Kale Chips

It’s easier to avoid eating sugar if you have something to snack on. So why not make something simple to replace your sugar cravings with? Kale chips are a great healthy snack with very few ingredients:

1 bunch of kale
1 tablespoon of olive oil, more if needed
Sea salt to taste
Garlic powder to taste (I like to load mine up)Garlic kale chips

Wash the kale well first and pat dry. A towel works much better for this than a paper towel because kale really holds onto the water. Cut out the center stem completely – it’s very tough. Tear the leaves into equal-sized pieces, or use kitchen shears/scissors for more control. Toss the pieces in the oil first, making sure they’re lightly coated. Then sprinkle the salt and garlic powder and toss again. When you put the kale on the baking tray, make sure the pieces aren’t too close together. No additional oil for the baking tray is needed.

Bake at 350 degrees for between 10-15 minutes, but watch them carefully because they burn quickly. Once they have browned edges, check to make sure they’re crisp or starting to crisp and take them out.

Store in a sealed plastic bag for up to five days. They won’t last that long, though!

Let me know in the comments how you like them or if you use different seasonings.

Keep on living the wheat free life!

Sugar Detox Day 11: First Detox vs. All Others

I want to assure you of something: the first sugar detox experience is always the hardest. It will get easier after the first one.


Squeeze me into water in the morning to get rid of sugary cereal cravings!

For those of you who have never done a sugar detox, you may spend some time feeling like you’re quitting cigarettes – impatient, moody, feeling like you constantly need to snack, and having cravings. It’s going to be more extreme your first time because you’re not just detoxing from some sugar or an overindulgence in sugar. You’re detoxing from an entire lifetime of sugar. That’s a whole lot of withdrawal your body is going through. But your reactions are normal, and once you’ve done your first good sugar detox, you can do it again and feel better during it.

The first time I did a sugar detox, I went off sugar completely for about eight months, only allowing myself dates and low-glycemic fruits. It was a HUGE detox, and honestly I didn’t want refined sugar anymore after a while. Once you really get yourself off sugar (and anything else you choose to cut yourself off from), get over the cravings, and replace sugar with other things, you may find yourself feeling like you’ve gotten so far that it’s not worth it to tempt yourself by having a piece of chocolate or a little cake. Even if/when you do eat sugar again at some point, you’ll probably have better control over your eating habits, and you may even find sugar too…well…sugary. After months and months of staying off sugar, I remember feeling like a pear was extremely sweet and refined sugar was disgusting. I still don’t like most cake icing unless it’s homemade. Store bought is not only too sweet, but I can taste the chemicals since I also no longer eat things with preservatives in them.

Ultimately, if this is your first time, remember that this is the hardest detox you’ll have to go through. It will make you stronger, help you resist sugar better, and allow you an easier time detoxing in the future. It’s worth all the effort, and you’ll feel a difference once your body gets past the withdrawal. For me, I felt more awake and energetic in general, I lost my afternoon fatigue, my moods improved, I could thinking more clearly, and I had an easier time waking up in the morning. And those are just the benefits that spring immediately to mind – there are many more.

How did your first detox go? Did you notice a difference between the first time and subsequent times?

Keep on living the wheat free life!


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